How Material Handling Can Help Biomedical Production Meet Increasing Demand

Biomedical companies were pushed to peak performance during the COVID-19 outbreak and importance of the biomedical field was put on full display. The surge in demand drove the need to produce at higher-than-normal rates. While fortunately the pandemic is behind us, biomedical companies continue to look for ways to address labor concerns and keep up with increased demand for products that keep us all healthy. [...]

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How Warehouses Can Keep Their Employees Safe

Covid-19 has changed the workplace for everyone. While safeguarding employee health has always been important, now more than ever companies are more closely examining employee safety. As a result, we live in a more socially distant world, and that holds true in the office. Here are some ways companies in the manufacturing, industrial and distribution industries continue to keep employees safe. Immediate, short-term solutions: Employee [...]

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5 Reasons to Consider the LR 35 VBM

A LR 35 Vertical Buffer Module (VBM) is an enclosed tote-based delivery system. It consists of a multi-segment shelving system with an aisle in the middle, where a moveable mast with a telescopic gripper operates. The unit controller sets the gripper in motion picking up a discrete bin/tote and transporting it to a picking station. Why consider a LR VBM in your facility? 1. [...]

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How Distribution Center Conveyor Systems Help Maximize Order Fulfillment

Find the Best Conveyor System for Your Distribution Center Automation As e-commerce sales continue to grow with consumers staying at home, manufacturing deadlines have become tighter and more demanding, putting extra pressure on production and the overall efficiency of distribution centers. Keep up with customer demands by finding the right distribution center conveyor system for your facility and ease overall stress with less effort and [...]

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How to Reduce Warehouse Costs with Industrial Automation Systems

Labor, real estate, and safety are among the largest cost drivers that impact the operational budget of a production facility. Recently, companies have been turning to automation as a way to combat these costs. Here are some ways industrial automation systems can help cut warehouse costs. LABOR Problems: Unreliable, Unsafe & Cost Inefficient Production processes and manufacturing require significant human labor resources.  On average, up [...]

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4 Reasons to Use Vertical Lift Modules

With the wave of automation taking over the manufacturing industry, it’s about time racking and storage became automated too. Vertical lift modules (VLMs) are automated warehouse racking systems that can provide a host of benefits to any company. Here are the top four benefits vertical lift modules can offer: Eliminate Wasted Floor Space By using VLM's you are taking advantage of all of the [...]

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