Eliminate Inefficient, Tedious and Dangerous Manual Operations with Robotic Depalletizer Systems

Whatever industry you’re in, an efficient and productive line is directly linked to your success. Whether you manufacture, handle, distribute or package products, adding a robotic depalletizer system is a smart investment. Capitalize on the flexibility of automatic tool changes and a robot that is always up for the painstaking task the unloading cartons, boxes, bags and cases. You’ll be able to boost productivity and reduce operating expenses, including the high cost of injuries.

When you’re considering custom industrial robotics, consider RMH Systems. From engineering to implementation and aftermarket service, RMH handles your project fully in-house. As your single-source automation partner, we deliver tailored solutions quicker than integrators who rely on multiple vendors to complete your project. Our robotics company makes it easy, since working with our professionals is just as efficient and seamless as the systems we’ll develop for your company.

We’ve been helping companies like yours work more efficiently and more safely for more than 80 years. Regardless of the size or complexity of your business, RMH can help you work smarter and grow with our turnkey robot depalletizers. Talk with us to learn more!

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8 Benefits of Robotic Depalletizer Systems

A depalletizing robot can effortlessly unload heavy items from pallets, including boxes, bags, drums, barrels and other finished products, onto an outfeed conveyor. It can also remove pallets, slip sheets and freezer boards as necessary. But most important, it can transport products in and out of your warehouse at world-class speeds, giving you an advantage during the fulfillment process. And it also eliminates dangerous and inefficient manual depalletization operations.

Learn more about how industrial robotics can benefit your company.

A robot depalletizer can depalletize more than 300 pounds, and handle finished loads of more than 4,000 pounds. These capabilities could help you mitigate lifting and repetitive motion injuries like lower back pain. Lower back injuries are the number one cause of disability and nearly a quarter of worker compensation claims, according to FMP Global. Each year, nearly half a million claims are filed, with an average compensation of $24,000.

With robotic programming, you’ll enjoy better quality and repeatability while decreasing waste and product damage. Your depalletizing robot will place products consistently every time, limiting jarring, shifting and shaking. With complete system automation, you’ll be rewarded with consistency every time.

Today’s consumers want more products at even faster speeds. With e-commerce expecting to balloon to $893 billion in 2022, you don’t want to get left behind. Robotic depalletizing systems can work around the clock and don’t have to shut down for pandemics. If your lines permit it, they can work continuously to meet seasonal demands and increased consumer demand. Adding a depalletizing robot can boost productivity by up to 1,900 cycles per hour, according to FANUC America. This allows you to save more on labor and operating costs by maximizing your employees.

Robotic depalletizing systems can minimize recruitment expenses and rising labor costs, which can range from $15/hour to $60,000/year or more for one employee. Depending on your labor rates, a high-volume system can typically pay for itself in one to two years. You can potentially keep production running overnight, during the lunch hour and over breaks. It can also improve retention by taking on laborious or high-risk tasks and help you save more on employee turnover and training.

Robotic depalletizing systems can help you avoid major projected labor shortages. Baby boomers 55 and older make up the largest percentage of the manufacturing workforce, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Between now and 2028, Manufacturing Institute says their retirements will contribute to 2.4 million job openings. Those jobs may go unfilled because of changing skill sets, misperceptions about working in manufacturing, baby boomer retirements and retention challenges.

Depalletizing robots don’t need much maintenance. How often they require maintenance depends on the environment they’re used in, but it’s typically every one to three years. Some variables include workplace cleanliness, moisture levels and refrigeration. As your single-source integration partner, RMH takes care of all your maintenance and support needs.

Automation reduces errors and damage to products, which in turn makes your customers happier. And you more competitive.

Your company has unique needs. RMH Systems can design and integrate custom robotic depalletizer systems that meet those needs. From bulk depalletizers and high-speed depalletizers to specialized individual product handling, we can engineer the right solution for you.

Industries Where Robotic Depalletizer Systems Are Used

  • Cheese and dairy
  • Cold storage
  • General production and distribution
  • Primary meat and poultry
  • Chemical pharmaceuticals
  • Life sciences
  • Medical equipment and precision mechanics
Manufacturing and Distribution Centers
  • Consumer goods
  • E-commerce
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Ceramic mineral products
  • Composite
  • Construction material, including concrete, brick and pavers
  • Glass
  • Metal products
  • Paper and printing
  • Rubber and plastics
  • Wood

This is just a portion of the industries who use robotic depalletizing systems we’ve designed. Don’t see yours on this list? Contact us for information about how we can create a custom solution for your company.

Applications and Configurations for Robot Depalletizers

Robotic depalletizer system

Robotic depalletizing systems can be used in many different configurations and applications, including freezers, harsh temperatures and varying environments. They can also handle most any product, regardless of material, shape, size or weight. Some of their applications include:

  • Bag depalletizers
  • Bottle and can depalletizers, including glass and plastic bottles
  • Case depalletizers
  • Bulk depalletizers and low-level bulk depalletizers
  • Integrated pallet handling
  • Automatic and semiautomatic depalletizers

The depalletizing robots we integrate are designed in a wide range of configurations, including custom layouts. Ask our engineers how we can create a solution that solves your company’s challenges.

Capabilities of Robot Depalletizers

  • Depalletizes any material with a stable base. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Bags
    • Bales
    • Barrels
    • Bottles
    • Bundles
    • Cartons
    • Cases
    • Jugs
    • Parts
    • Pails
    • Totes
    • Trays
  • Common depalletizing applications can pick up more than 300 pounds and handle finished loads of more than 4,000 pounds.
  • Completes up to 20 cycles per minute for common depalletizing and up to 30 per minute for bags.
  • Ideal for harsh environments and temperatures, including blast freezers and refrigeration used in food production.
  • Vision and scanning capabilities for barcodes and other identifying marks.
  • Other capabilities include upstream vision and product labeling.
  • Custom robotic end-of-arm tools are available to provide the right solution for your application, including magnetic, layered gripping and vacuum.
  • Can be integrated with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to tow or transport materials more efficiently.

These are just some of the capabilities of depalletizing robots. Ask our engineers how we can integrate a system that meets your needs.

Our Robotic Depalletizer Systems

RMH designs and integrates depalletizing equipment that make it easy for you to automate and grow your business. Learn more about the automatic depalletizer we offer.

A robotic bag palletizer removes items from a conveyor and stacks them on a pallet.

Robotic Bag Depalletizers

Whether your company makes pet food or produces supplies the agricultural, chemical and building industries depend on, robotic bag depalletizers handle industrial-sized bags with ease.

A robotic bottle depalletizer removes bottles from a pallet.

Robotic Bottle Depalletizers

Robotic bottle depalletizers reward you with consistency every time. You’ll enjoy a competitive edge on fulfillment speed while reducing damage from crushed, broken or damaged bottles.

Robotic Can Depalletizers

Put your employees to better use with robotic can depalletizers. They effortlessly handle repetitive and potentially dangerous tasks, like unstacking heavy pallets of aluminum or glass cans.

A robot is shown palletizing cartons in a warehouse.

Robotic Case Depalletizers

Increase productivity with robotic case depalletizers. These systems integrate with other equipment that makes your operation more efficient.

Robotic Depalletizer Project Capabilities

RMH is a robotic integration partner for leading manufacturers, producers and companies across North America, including Fortune 50 companies. Learn more about some of the high speed depalletizer projects we’ve completed.

A robotic depalletizer in a food and beverage processing plant.

Major Food and Beverage Companies

Multiple liquid and dry fill plants across North America


Environment: Hot and dusty | Cool, damp and wet | Temperature controlled

A robotic bottle depalletizer removes bottles from a pallet.

Major Ag Chemical Producers

Sites in Iowa, Georgia, Missouri and Nebraska


Environment: Hot and cold | Dusty

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