Steel Prices are Rising. How it Affects You

The price of steel used in structural buildings, framing, and warehouse storage systems can be hard to anticipate. Because steel is a global material used in many different products, the price changes based on activity around the world. Every day the price of steel per ton changes, but price forecasters and economists alike are estimating a rise in price over the next few years. Manufacturing [...]

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Rack Design: The Importance of Flue Space

There’s a surprising amount of math and measuring involved in something seemingly so simple as pallet rack design. One thing to always remember: incorporate flue space. Flue space is the space between rows of pallet racks or between a row and a wall. Read on to find out why it’s important and how to include it in your designs for the best results. Why Leave [...]

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Why RMI Rack Certification Matters

All rack manufacturers are not created equal. The Rack Manufacturer’s Institute promotes the safe design and use of storage racks and wire decks through research, testing, preparation of specifications, education, and more. In fact, The RMI is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited developer of storage rack standards and administers the R-Mark Certification Program. Why is R-Mark Certification important? Here’s Why. You may have [...]

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Designing Selective Rack Based on Pallet Sizes

What came first; the pallet or the pallet rack? This question is rhetorical, as all of us know the pallet came first! Fun fact: racking came about in the early 1900s as a way to store pallets vertically to save space (AMH). It’s important to remember that pallet sizes always determine pallet rack dimensions. This chart will help you quickly and easily identify the [...]

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How to Determine In-rack Sprinkler Guard Size

RMH's K3 WERKS In-rack Sprinkler Guards were designed with varying warehouse systems in mind. We created multiple sizes and an adjustable sprinkler guard to account for different flue spaces, bay depths, and sprinkler head locations. The biggest question we've received so far is: how do I determine what sprinkler guard is right for my system? We're here to answer that question! 1.  Locate the sprinkler [...]

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