A crane that has a horizontal jib/boom that supports a movable hoist fixed to a wall or to a floor-mounted pillar.
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When To Use A Jib Crane

  • Cover Circular (Or Semi-Circular) Work Areas
  • Lift Capacities Of 50 Pounds To 5 Tons
  • Specific, Repeatable Tasks
  • Don’t Have A Large Footprint To Cover
  • Looking For A Less-Expensive Lifting Option

Information To Consider For A Jib Crane

  1. What Is The Product You Are Lifting?
  2. How Heavy Is The Product Your Lifting?
  3. How Far Are You Moving The Product?
  4. What Is The Environment That You Are Lifting The Product In?
  5. How High Do You Need Your Hook To Be?
  6. What Is The Budget For Your Project?
  7. What Is The Weight Capacity of Ceiling/Flooring?

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