Move Loads More Safely with a Jib Crane

Need a flexible solution to safely move heavy loads? A jib crane may be right for your operations. Because this crane style is designed to handle loads under 5 tons, it’s more affordable than ceiling-mounted options like top-running cranes or underhung cranes. And you’ll easily be able to move it as your shop layout changes or grows.

Since we’re a master industrial crane distributor, you’ll have access to top vendors like Gorbel, Demag and Spanco. And as a single-source integrator, RMH Systems will handle your project fully in-house, from our jib crane sales team to engineering and installation. We’ll also provide your aftermarket service, including annual OSHA inspections and jib crane parts for repairs.

At RMH, we’ve been helping companies like yours work more safely and efficiently for more than 80 years. Ask our engineers about how we can design a jib crane that helps you work smarter and grow your business, regardless of size or complexity.

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What Is a Gantry Crane?

A gantry crane is an economical type of overhead crane. Instead of being built into a support structure like a bridge crane, gantry cranes are supported by a pair of legs. Many use a track installed on the floor or swivel casters.

You’ll also hear this type of crane called a portable gantry crane or mobile gantry crane, because you can move it where you need it, even when it’s under load.

It’s also available in manual or mechanical configurations, as well as two different types to meet your needs. With an adjustable gantry crane, you’ll be able to change the height and span, which can come in handy when you’re moving it through a doorway or mezzanine. With a fixed gantry crane, the height and span stay the same.

Our engineers recommend using a gantry crane when:

  • You want to be able to move the crane around your facility.
  • You need a solution for a small footprint.
  • You are lifting items that weigh between 1 ton and 5 tons.
  • You don’t need to move loads at high speed.
  • You’re leasing the building and can’t use a building-supported crane or anchor one to the floor.

Not sure what’s right for your facility? Our experienced engineering team will help you find the right solution for your facility. Contact us to get started.

4 Benefits of Jib Cranes

With the help of a jib crane, your employees will be able to move bulky or heavy loads more easily and safely. This helps you reduce the risk of lifting injuries and protect your bottom line.

Lifting injuries make up 20% of all worker compensation claims, according to FMP Global, which have an average compensation of $24,000.

Make better use of your employees by having a jib crane do the heavy lifting. It’s inefficient to use multiple people to lift something or have to wait for a fork truck operator.

Not every facility needs a heavy-duty overhead crane. Because jib cranes are designed for light-duty loads, they’re more affordable than other types of cranes.

If you need to change your shop’s layout or your operation grows, it’ll be easy to relocate your jib crane.

Industries Where Jib Cranes Are Used

Light Industrial

  • Welding 
  • Fabrication

These are some of the most common industries RMH works with. Don’t see yours included?

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Jib crane

Configurations for Jib Cranes

A jib crane moves a heavy piece of equipment.

Jib cranes can be designed in a variety of capacities and radius sizes, as well as a range of below-the-hook lifting devices. Capacities range from 50 pounds to 5 tons, with a maximum radius of 30 feet. Foundations are needed for jibs lifting over 1 ton or covering longer spans.

Our below-the-hook lifting devices include:

  • Vacuum—suitable for lifting large sheets of materials, such as plywood, glass, marble or thin sheets of steel.
  • Magnets—suitable for moving steel.
  • Grippers and grabs—suitable for moving multiple sheets or items that are too heavy for vacuum or magnets.
  • Spreader bars—suitable for items that need to be picked up in multiple areas.

Ask our engineers about how we can customize a solution that meets your needs.

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Our Jib Crane Vendors

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