Sprinkler Guards

Our easy-to-install sprinkler guards protect your facility against catastrophes and costly flooding.

Any modern warehouse has its fair share of fire hazards throughout the facility.

As the size and sophistication of warehouses have increased, the industry has developed in-rack sprinklers that deliver water closer to potential fires than their ceiling-mounted counterparts would. When employees or equipment make hard contact with sprinkler heads, however, the water damage to your inventory and equipment can become catastrophic. In-rack sprinklers call for in-rack sprinkler guards to protect against accidents that can quickly escalate. K3 Heavy-duty fire sprinkler head guards from RMH Systems attach to beams, not your sprinkler system, for maximum protection—keeping your sprinkler heads safe and your warehouse dry.

Most cage type sprinkler head guards are designed for a five pound impact – this is minimal and is meant for non-rack applications. Our K3 sprinkler head guards are designed for a direct hit from a 5000# lift truck carrying a 3000# pallet.

One of the most significant means of ensuring warehouse safety is installing sprinklers throughout the facility to protect against fire. In-rack sprinklers are a great addition to ceiling-mounted sprinklers because they are installed throughout the racking, positioning them closer to the source of the fire, therefore requiring less water to extinguish the fire with greater speed.

One downside to in-rack sprinklers is the constant danger of sprinkler heads getting damaged or broken off by employees, contractors, heavy equipment and forklift impact, which can result in thousands of gallons of water dumping onto inventory and equipment within seconds. The heavy-duty K3 in-rack sprinkler guards prevent heavy equipment from getting anywhere near sprinkler heads, protecting them from impacts, and protecting inventory from costly water damage.

K3 In-Rack Sprinkler Guards are made for ultimate protection. Other sprinkler guards that attach directly to some component of your sprinkler system (pipes, fittings, or sprinkler head) can be easily broken and dislodged by heavy machinery, causing severe damage to your sprinkler system. K3 Sprinkler Guards attach to the beams, resulting in safer protection for your sprinklers and your entire system.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable, powder-coated construction
  • High Visibility
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable to fit any space
  • Hardware included
  • Made in the USA
  • Safer for your sprinkler system (attached to the beam instead of the pipe/pipe fitting/sprinkler head)
  • Includes RMH Systems’ K3 3-year extended warranty (a $295 value)
  • K3 Sprinkler Guard U.S. patent pending

Problems Solved

  • In-Rack Sprinkler heads getting damaged by fork trucks and pallets
  • Inventory damage due to sprinkler head damage
  • Inconvenient or multiple in-rack sprinkler head mounting locations

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