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RMH Systems can help automate optimize your palletizing operations. There are a number of options for palletizers or de-palletizers, but what RMH offers that others can’t is the additional expertise on all the infeed and outfeed equipment. We design fully automated robotic palletizing cells or more conventional palletizer workstations. Talk to one of our automation experts today about improving efficiency with robotic palletizing.

Robotic Palletizer

Utilize robotics for fully-automatic palletizing solutions. Robots provide flexibility, and efficiency. Robotic palletizers allow you to handle many different products and pallet patterns. Eliminate dangerous and inefficient manual palletization operations.

Robotic De-Palletizer

Similar to a palletizer, these robots break down your pallets onto an outfeed conveyor. These robots are flexible, and can handle a wide variety of product. Eliminate dangerous and inefficient manual de-palletization operations.

Conventional Palletizer

Low or high level palletizers. Perfect for applications with limited SKUs or products to be handled. Conventional Palletizers are more economical and easier to troubleshoot.

Pallet Dispensers

Eliminate the manual handling of pallets. Dispensers are an important piece to any palletizing operation – a pallet is always ready. Reduce manual labor, improve productivity, and lengthen the life of your pallet.

Slip Sheet Dispensers

Completely automate the pallet building process by integrating a slip sheet dispenser. These pneumatic or electrically driven dispensers integrate with the palletizer to provide your slip sheets automatically.

End-of-Arm Tooling (EoAT)

Custom robotic tooling to provide the right solution for your application. Mechanical/pneumatic grippers, suction cups, or vacuum gripping systems.


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