With underhung cranes, the end trucks ride on the bottom flange of the runway beam rather than on top like other types of overhead cranes. The runway beam is often suspended from the structure, which eliminates the need for extra floor columns to support the runway.
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When To Use An Underhung Crane

  • Lifts Under 10 Tons
  • You Want To Interconnect 2+ Cranes At The Same Time
  • During New Building Construction
  • You Need The Space That Is Taken Up By A Top-Running Cranes Columns
  • You Need A More Flexible Lifting Option

Information to Consider for a Underhung Crane

  1. What Is The Product You Are Lifting?
  2. How Heavy Is The Product Your Lifting?
  3. How Far Are You Moving The Product?
  4. What Is The Environment That You Are Lifting The Product In?
  5. How High Do You Need Your Hook To Be?
  6. What Is The Budget For Your Project?
  7. What Is The Weight Capacity of Ceiling/Flooring?


RMH Systems is a leading distributor of overhead bridge cranes and lifting equipment. Our crane team is equipped with sales, structural engineering, CAD drafting, and aftermarket service for your crane applications. Our product offerings provide reliable, heavy-duty, high-quality solutions to help your team be efficient and safe. A couple things that set the RMH Systems Crane team apart from the crowd:

We are crane builders.  We source components from various suppliers to build the most effective crane kit at the best possible price.  RMH Systems doesn’t sell you a lot crane like many competitors.

RMH Systems fabricates our cranes locally – mostly out of the Twin Cities metro – so we offer significant freight savings to the Midwest.

RMH Systems has over 20 factory trained technicians.  We can provide OSHA certified annual inspections.

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