Covid-19 has changed the workplace for everyone. While safeguarding employee health has always been important, now more than ever companies are more closely examining employee safety. As a result, we live in a more socially distant world, and that holds true in the office. Here are some ways companies in the manufacturing, industrial and distribution industries continue to keep employees safe.

Immediate, short-term solutions:

Employee Separation Panels

It may not always be possible for employees to remain 6-ft apart from each other. Employee separation panels provide the safety necessary for employees to work closer than 6-ft while staying safe.


While it seems obvious, posting proper signage around your facility will make sure that safety stays top of mind for your employees. Reminders to wash hands, markers on the ground 6 feet apart, and reminders to minimize interaction are great signage uses in a warehouse.

Long-term investments:

Robotic Palletizing

Robotic palletizers require little to no human intervention to prepare pallets for shipment. Robots eliminate the need for and risk of, employees manually stacking products. This simple change to automation keeps employees away from each other, keeps employees safe, and guarantees consistent quality output. The return on investment for a robotic palletizer is easily justified – many companies realize an ROI within a year.

Vertical Lift Modules

Vertical lift modules, or VLMs, bring automation to storage. Optimizing the operator’s time by delivering the item they need, when they need it helps to boost productivity by over 200%. By design, VLM’s can help keep employees safe by limiting the amount of human interaction. VLMs deliver stored items to the operator eliminating the need for them to walk through and look for items they need. If you are looking for more information on VLM’s you can find it here.

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