Automation: Not Just for the Mega Distribution Center

Basic order fulfillment automation hasn’t changed much….but the application of that technology has.  Today, smaller micro-fulfillment operations can take advantage of automation that once made sense only for large-scale facilities.  Automated systems and solutions are now a viable option for small to mid-sized fulfillment companies with sound ROI expectations for labor, order accuracy, and improved capacity/throughput. Issues that were once true for large distribution centers [...]

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  The pandemic changed the way businesses must operate, and hiring rates took a nose-dive as unemployed citizens reconsider their job prospects and account for their safety.  A healthy and loyal workforce ensures minimal disruption and is critical to sustaining operational excellence and continuity. Here are three tips for dealing with warehouse labor shortages for you to consider. Retaining Your Workforce Despite the decrease of [...]

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  A modern distribution center is a sophisticated operation, with more moving parts and heavy machinery than outsiders may expect. With this movement and sophistication come further hazards to worker safety—each of which prescribes additional measures on your part. Here are five top safety hazards in warehouse operations, along with how you can avoid them at your warehouse. 1. WORKER COMPLACENCY & FATIGUE Even as [...]

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Keeping Up With Increased Customer Demand Through Industrial Automation Systems

New Expectations Consumers today are living in an on-demand world where they can do more from their homes and get things faster and this sends ripple effects across nearly every industry, boiling down to the need to have more items readily available, with a greater variety, and the ability to get it quicker. Within the manufacturing industry, this means there is an ever-increasing need to [...]

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How Palletizing Robots Improve Production Efficiencies

A palletizing robot can help improve efficiency whether you are aiming to increase throughput on your production line, diversify your product line, or improve worker ergonomics by eliminating repetitious motion. These robots are designed to quickly and efficiently palletize products from your manufacturing process. 4 Ways Palletizing Robots Improve Production Line Throughput Safety – Ergonomic type of injuries will automatically reduce through the implementation of [...]

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The State of Warehouse Automation and Industrial Robotics in 2020

Industrial automation systems have become an essential component of every modern warehouse. Advancements in automation have allowed warehouses to receive, package, process and fulfill products at a higher rate than ever before. And the trend isn’t going anywhere. According to, the warehouse robotics market is expected to be valued at over $25.80 billion by 2025. Faced with record-high demand and unusual consumer shopping [...]

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