Automated Warehouse Solutions


overall cost savings (on average)


increase in efficiency


order error rate improvement

Why Invest in Automation?

Lower Your Costs

Automation cuts your expenses per order and eliminates inefficiencies in your current workflow.

Increase Throughput

Automating order processing increases volume of shipments out the door.

Improve Accuracy

Automation can dramatically increase order accuracy and on-time shipments.

Manage Your Data

With an advanced system, you’ll get instant feedback on your most important data points.

Where Automation Can Help

eCommerce Order Fulfillment

Increase throughput of your online orders.

Order Picking

Improve picking speed and order accuracy with automated solutions.


For your end-of-line packaging system, automating all or part of the process can ensure efficiency, consistency and improved throughput.


Automate the returns process to increase efficiency.

High-Density Storage

Maximize your use of floor and air space, reduce labor requirements, improve pick speeds, and increase order accuracy and throughput.

Inventory Management

Add, edit, delete and transfer inventory in real time. Communicate between new and/or existing WMS, WCS, WES, WXS, or other systems.

Material Movement

Speed up transportation of material between short and long distances, reduce pedestrian and forklift traffic, and increase safety and ergonomics.


Program and integrate sub-systems to work together as one unit.

Key Industries That Thrive With Automated Solutions

If you operate a warehouse, RMH Systems can help you. But we specialize in a few key industries.
Wholesale Retail Distribution
Food and Beverage

Automation Resources

Let RMH Systems’ insights and resource center provide a deeper dive into automation.

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