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RMH Systems has a number of automatic case packer solutions. Case packing systems quickly achieve an ROI by reducing labor, increasing throughput, and streamlining your packaging operations. We’ll customize a solution for your operation based on product, case style, space, and rates. Please contact our team to discuss your application.

A Mach dual indexing machine assembles cartons.

Dual Indexing Case Packer

Pack two cases simultaneously. Great option for high-throughput applications – up to 35 cases per minute.

A small footprint case packer.

Small Footprint Case Packer

Cost-effective top loading case packer. These machines pack a variety of package types and take up little room.

Automatic case packing machine

Top Load Case Packers

Reliable alternative to low-speed manual packing. Fully automated performance to replace labor intensive packing stations.

A flexible case packer is shown in action.

Flexible Case Packer

Designed for pouches, bags, and other flexible packaging. Automated high-speed case packing – multiple packages per box.

A case packet pushes air fresheners toward an assembled carton.

Continuous Motion Case Packer

Improved stability using continuous motion – the case never stops. Environmentally friendly option – limits energy use.

Robotic case packer

Robotic Case Packers

Increase throughput and capacity immediately. Accomodate a multitude of product sizes – robotics are the most reliable option.

horizontal case packer

Horizontal Loading Systems

Side packing for products that load better horizontally. Ideal for more rounded products that can be easily tipped over.

Pick and place packing on a conveyor line.

Pick & Place Case Packing

High-speed packing capabilities in a relatively small footprint. Ideal for top loading products into multiple layers in boxes.


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