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Protect Your People and Your Process.

We specialize in custom solutions that bring industrial ergonomics to your production line. Our custom solutions keep your workers safe and the process efficient. Work injuries are all too common and too preventable to allow. We have custom ergonomics and equipment for any application. Please contact us to learn more.

Lift Tables

Tables that allow material to be raised or lowered to optimal working heights. Limit operator injuries. Position pallets at appropriate height.

High Cycle Lifts

These lifts are warrantied up to 3,000,000 cycles, ideal for automated machine feeding or off-loading applications.

Freight Lifts

Optimize the transport of your materials from level to level. Vertical reciprocating lifts transfer materials up and down to optimize space, stability, safety, and efficiency.

Tilt Tables

The movement is done by the table. No need for hoisting equipment — perfect for welding, fitting components or loading raw materials.


Used for pallet or coil upending or placing product in optimum position for assembly.

Adjustable Work Benches

Customized workbenches perfect for assembly operations. Easily adjustable, designed for your process.


Completely custom workstations that allow operators to work efficiently and ergonomically safe.

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