Automation is key for keeping up in hot market


Frozen foods grew in popularity during the pandemic, and still remain hot as more consumers continue to eat at home to keep their budgets in check. And their opinion on frozen foods are shifting as advances in frozen food has improved food quality and nutritional benefits.

In the past year, frozen food sales have increased by nearly 8%, according to research from the Food Industry Association and the American Frozen Food Institute. Nationally, the industry is expected to reach $291.3 billion by 2028.

According to data from Vericast and the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association:

  • 44% of American consumers eat at home to reduce spending.
  • 66% of consumers believe the frozen food department offers a wider variety of better-for-you options, the most popular being high-protein, plant-based protein and breakfast foods.
  • Nearly 3 in 5 consumers use precut frozen fruits and vegetables to save on prep time.
  • 45% of consumers use air fryers or slow cookers to make meals from frozen or refrigerated ingredients.
  • 38% of consumers eat frozen foods daily or every few days, citing convenience, time savings and nutrition.

In the foreseeable future, the demand for cold storage is only expected to get hotter. While an expansion or building from the ground up isn’t always an option, you can make the most of your existing space and work more efficiently with the help of our material handling automation experts at RMH Systems.

At RMH Systems, we don’t just sell equipment for automated cold storage warehouses–we partner with you! We listen to your goals and design a customized system that fits your specific needs. Our turnkey solutions ensure your cold storage facility is ready for the demands of today’s business and primed for future growth.

Learn more about the solutions we offer for semi-automated or fully automated cold storage and then schedule a free consultation today!

Key Industries That Thrive With Cold Storage Automation

If you operate a warehouse, RMH Systems can help you. But we specialize in a few key industries.

Our Cold Storage Automation Solutions

High-Density Pallet Storage

Maximize your space for storing palletized goods with high-density warehouse storage systems. Our cold storage pallet racking solutions include drive-in drive-through racking, pushback racking and more.

Pallet Runners

These semi-automated storage systems help you maximize space and achieve greater density in your cold storage operations while eliminating most safety concerns. Switch instantly between LIFO and FIFO.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

AS/RS systems offer the fullest range of automation for cold storage warehouses, storing pallets at designated positions until you need them. These systems save time, space and improve safety as no human interaction is required.

Conveyor Systems

Fulfill orders more quickly with heavy-duty conveyor systems specially designed for extreme environments like cold storage, including chain conveyors for pallets, belt-over roller conveyors for cases and raw products, stainless steel food-grade conveyors and plastic belt conveyor systems.

Two men work in a cold storage warehouse.

Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated metal wall panels are the building blocks for creating the cold storage environment within your warehouse. Lightweight and easy to install.

Cold Rooms

These insulated rooms are built to your specifications to keep food, chemicals or other products chilled. Ask us about your options for cold room panels and cold room racking for pallets.


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