A LR 35 Vertical Buffer Module (VBM) is an enclosed tote-based delivery system. It consists of a multi-segment shelving system with an aisle in the middle, where a moveable mast with a telescopic gripper operates. The unit controller sets the gripper in motion picking up a discrete bin/tote and transporting it to a picking station.

Why consider a LR VBM in your facility?

1. Manageable Unit Size – A LR 35 VBM has a flexible and manageable footprint. Each unit is a standard 8 feet wide and can span up to 34 feet long and 39 feet tall, giving it a rectangular shape. Combining multiple units into one workstation can maximize floor space and achieve the ideal mix of capacity and picking speed for your operations. By comparison, the footprint of a LR 35 VBM system is much smaller than a MiniLoad, MultiShuttle or cube based storage system.

2. Discrete Tote Handling – The LR 35 VBM is designed to store and retrieve individual totes of inventory – also referred to as an automated tote handling system. The LR 35 VBM unit offers two tote sizes (600x400mm and 640x440mm). Totes can be further sub-divided to maximize SKU capacity or limited to one SKU per tote to achieve discrete item picking (meaning the operator only has one SKU to choose per tote, decreasing the opportunity for picking errors and increasing inventory control). This discrete item handling increases inventory control and security for high value or sensitive items.

3. Ergonomic Picking Stations – Each LR 35 VBM unit has an integrated picking station, also known as the turntable. The unique design of the turntable allows the operator to access one tote while another is being retrieved and buffered on the rear of the turntable to eliminate operator wait time between picks.

4. High Speed Picking – Goods-to-person delivery combined with pick-to-light technology at the operator access point provides operations quicker access times and less operator walking time for increased throughput. When positioning multiple LR 35 VBMs next to each other in a pod or workstation, the distance between each pick station is only 8-feet making it easy to create a highly compact picking area.

5. Automatic Conveyor Connectivity – For more advanced automated product handling, the LR 35 VBM can be equipped with automatic conveyor connections. Using this standard conveyor connection totes can flow in an out of the unit automatically with no human intervention.

LR 35 VBMs are ideal in both order consolidation and order fulfillment operations. Using the semi-automated turntable, totes are manually placed into the unit for storage and are automatically retrieved when needed. Utilizing the automatic conveyor connection, totes enter the system automatically, stay in the LR 35 VBM as buffer storage until the order is complete and leave automatically on the conveyor to the consolidation area. Totes can also flow out of the LR 35 VBM from pick station to pick station, completely unmanned, increasing throughput. The LR 35 VBM offers the flexibility to grow as your operations grow.

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