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Maximize your warehouse’s efficiency with automated medical device assembly

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Bio-Medical Device Assembly Automation

With the increasing market for bio-medical products, companies are struggling to keep up. But with such strict product standards, companies have to make sure that they aren’t sacrificing quality in the name of speed. Automated medical device assembly helps companies address growing demand while keeping the quality of their product consistent. Automation can also offer a repeatable process to create consistently high-quality products. RMH Systems can provide bio-medical companies with a turn-key fully automated system to help increase production demand and improve product quality. By handling the entire project in-house, RMH Systems serves as a one-stop-shop for any bio-medical company looking to improve its processes.

RMH’s Automated Medical Device Assembly Solutions

With RMH Systems’ material handling expertise, we are able to develop systems tailored specifically to address issues that companies in the bio-medical industry run into. Below are just a few examples of material handling systems that can help keep bio-medical production on track.

Intelligent Lifting Equipment

Ergonomic devices that move with the operator. Ideal for high-cycle precise movements.

Vertical Lift Modules

Vertical Lift Modules are automated racking solutions that can provide a host of benefits to any company.

Custom Conveyor Systems

RMH Systems can supply you with the right warehouse conveyor for your needs.

Clean Room/Modular Offices

Completely modular & customized units that can be installed or taken down in a day.

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