With the wave of automation taking over the manufacturing industry, it’s about time racking and storage became automated too. Vertical lift modules (VLMs) are automated warehouse racking systems that can provide a host of benefits to any company. Here are the top four benefits vertical lift modules can offer:

Eliminate Wasted Floor Space

By using VLM’s you are taking advantage of all of the unused vertical height available in your warehouse which means you can re-capture all of the wasted floor space currently occupied by all of the shorter shelving units.

Increase Pick Rates

Thanks to the intuitive design and tech behind VLM’s, most companies that implement a VLM in their warehouse see noticeable increases in the average pick rates. This increase in pick rate can lead to quicker manufacturing time and can help the VLM pay for itself in a short period of time.

Enhanced Safety Features

With safety features like light curtains and shutter doors, VLM’s are much safer than the conventional racks seen in most warehouses. Safer storage solutions cut down on employee injury, providing your employees with a safer work environment.

Flexible Storage

A VLM’s shelving height is dynamic and can vary from part to part. Unlike conventional racking that typically consists of one shelf height throughout the entire structure, VLM’s can accommodate any size part/piece all in one system.

Overall, VLMs can provide a lot of benefits to any warehouse that is looking to automate the processes. If you want to learn more and find out how a vertical lift module can improve your company reach out to us!