Getting started in robotics & automation can be tricky. RMH Systems is here to help, we compiled all of our robotics and automation resources into one place.

Robotics is the fastest growing segment of industrial automation today.  RMH Systems Robotics is the Midwest’s leader in robotic integration.  With conveyor, packaging, and scales expertise in-house, RMH Systems is truly the one-stop shop, full-system integrator. Below you will find a few resources focused on helping you think through your robotics project.  The goal is to provide you with all of the tools you need to begin automating your facility.

Get Started In Palletizing

Robotic palletizing has a host of opportunities like increased efficiency and speed, decreased labor injuries and cost, and improved scalability. Getting started on the scoping can be daunting. That’s why we created the Palletizer Project Sheet, this sheet has all of the information necessary to quote a palletizing robot.

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Robotic Palletizing is More Affordable Than Ever

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Other Resources

If you want to read more about how robotic automation can improve your processes, follow the links below! Our resource section is filled with content built around informing readers on the positives of automation and robotics, and how you can get started!

Did You Know?

RMH Systems has added on to warehouse to house to accommodate the needs of our growing robotics team. The warehouse serves as a testing ground for our customer’s robotic cells. This warehouse allows our team to perform run-off and other testing to ensure the cell is ready to go as soon as it’s shipped to the final client.

The warehouse serves as a great resource for customers that are looking to get started in robotics. Get in contact with our team here to get a time scheduled to walk through our warehouse and get a first-hand look at what robotics can do!

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RMH Systems – Who We Are

A quick overview of RMH Systems. We are industrial automation integrators. RMH Systems has sales and engineering expertise focused on material handling, packaging, scales, and robotics. Headquartered in Des Moines, IA, and located throughout the Midwest, we are the region’s premier partner for industrial automation. RMH Systems designs, engineers, and installs projects across the country. Read more…

Hytrol Conveyor Company: Silver Cell Robotic System
RMH Robotic Palletizer

Check out this robotic palletizing system built by RMH Systems newly introduced Robotics Division.

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