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RMH Systems provides many custom options for load strapping. We have options including fully automated banding machines, semi-automated strappers, and even table top and soft product banding. Please be sure to ask an expert today about how we can automate your strapping procedures so you can guarantee your product arrives safely!


Arch Strapper

These strappers apply 1 or more straps around your product as it passes through the arch. Low maintenance costs, and durable performance.


Soft Product Banding

Apply a soft, wide profile band that is effective for unitizing printed matter, consumer goods, and other loose product.

Conveyorized Strappers

Fully automatic strapping systems that apply bands without operators. Unitize small and large products.

Pallet Strappers

Custom built to your load sizes to secure cases and bundles to your pallet. Fed with conveyor — the strapper feeds through the pallet void.

Table Top Strappers

Reduce labor and shipping costs — add one of these to your shipping desk to speed up the process!

String Tying Strappers

Tie extremely small products with light tension or large bundles with heavy tension.

Endra Strappers

These allow the bands to seal around the product as it moves through. Apply 1 to 4 straps. Low cost & high throughput.

Hand Strap Tools

A wide variety of handheld tools that allow you to manually strap and seal your shipments.


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