RMH Systems offers a wide variety of automatic & semi-automatic stretch wrappers. Wrappers have many specifications, so work with a partner that knows wrapping. We’ll find a solution that will minimize film waste and maximize shipment capacity. We are the industry leader for stretch wrap equipment, stretch film, and system integration of these products. Please contact us to discuss your equipment needs. Our service department can install and maintain your stretch equipment.

A semi-automatic stretch wrap machine wraps a pallet of pails.

Semi-Automatic Turntables

High/Low profile options available — cost-effective, durable machines. Perfect machines for typical warehouse operations.

robotic wrapper

Overhead Rotary Towers

Designed for fast & efficient wrapping of heavy, unstable or oddly-shaped pallet loads. Auto/Semi-Auto.

An Orion automated platform in use in a facility.

Automatic Platform Wrappers

Wraps product without an operator. Load is placed on the turntable, and wrapper is activated to wrap and cut film. High/low profile.

Conveyorized turntable automatic strapping

Conveyorized Turntable Automatics

No operator needed, these machines wrap loads as pallets that come off the conveyor. Reduce labor costs & increase productivity.

An Orbital stretch wrapping system is shown on a production line.

Automatic Orbital Stretch Wrapper

An excellent alternative to strapping — these automated wrappers can be applied to any conveyor for any product.

Yellow Jacket Forklift-Loaded Orbital Wrappers

Yellow Jacket Forklift-Loaded Orbital Wrappers

Automated bundling to unitize multiple products. Great way to reduce corrugated costs. This method offers some of the lowest materials costs.

A palletizing robot stacks cartons on a pallet.

Wrapper/Palletizer Combination

All-in-one option to increase productivity by combining operations into one integrated and automated pallet wrapping system.

Rolls of plastic sheeting.

Stretch Film

We carry a large variety of stretch films, and know how to optimize them for your needs. Please contact us today to find the right film for your application.


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