Increase customer satisfaction by automating your order fulfillment system.

While it’s fantastic to see your company’s orders increasing, it becomes less thrilling as you’re struggling to meet the growing demand. If you can’t get orders out the door quickly, you risk having dissatisfied customers and losing sales.

Hiring more employees isn’t always the right answer, especially when you have an inefficient layout and are running out of precious floor space. Instead of having orders back up, businesses are relying on automated order fulfillment systems at their warehouses. Automating part or all of your order fulfillment system can be a game-changer for providing efficient customer service, maximizing revenue and making the most of your warehouse.

As a leader in material handling automation, RMH Systems understands how to create a custom system that maximizes space while making your entire line run smoothly. Our team of experts handles your project fully in-house, which saves you time from having to coordinate with multiple vendors. But our support doesn’t end with installation since you’ll have access to our service technicians as well.

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Automation and system integration

Our Solutions for Automated Order Fulfillment Systems

Pick Module

Order Picking Systems

Automates the process of selecting and retrieving products.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles

Transport products around a warehouse without needing a human operator.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Places and retrieves loads from defined storage locations with high precision and accuracy.

Cartons on a live roller conveyor

Conveyor Systems

Fulfill orders more quickly with conveyor systems customized for your operations.

Case Forming, Packing and Sealing

Automating your end-of-line packaging process reduces costs while helping you get products out the door more quickly.

A palletizing robot moves materials in a facility.

Palletizing Robots

Reduce damage and increase throughput while efficiently palletizing cases or products.


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