How Material Handling Can Help Biomedical Production Meet Increasing Demand

Biomedical companies were pushed to peak performance during the COVID-19 outbreak and importance of the biomedical field was put on full display. The surge in demand drove the need to produce at higher-than-normal rates. While fortunately the pandemic is behind us, biomedical companies continue to look for ways to address labor concerns and keep up with increased demand for products that keep us all healthy. [...]

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8 Reasons a Workstation Crane Makes Your Operations More Efficient

Workstation Cranes Typically, when someone mentions an overhead crane in conversation it conjures up an image of a motor truck crane, a construction tower crane, or a heavy-duty motorized bridge crane pouring molten metal in a foundry. Workstation cranes have become a very hot topic of conversation as they have worked their way into assembly operations, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities over the last [...]

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Learn More About R&M’s New Hoist Watch Bluetooth Capabilities

With R&M’s Hoist Watch Bluetooth capabilities you are now able to connect to your bridge panel from your phone via Bluetooth and mobile application. This connection allows you to find fault codes and basic monitoring functions without needing to physically interact with your hoist. Connecting remotely also means you don’t need to impede on your processes and can decrease downtime immensely. Hoist Watch Bluetooth [...]

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Workstation Cranes Improve Productivity and Provide a Safer Work Environment

When dealing with lifting loads, a closed track workstation crane offers a higher rate of productivity when compared to a similar I-Beam design for cranes. The amount of force required to move the bridge is far lower than what an I-Beam design would require, and for many applications, the increase in productivity rate alone can justify the cost requirements for purchasing a crane. In addition, [...]

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Top Things To Consider When Buying an Industrial Crane

Purchasing an overhead crane is a long-term investment. They can be expensive at first – but after considering the vastly improved operations, increased production and the overall safety of your employees – the benefits are easy to see. Taking the time to think through the best industrial crane for your facility will save you greatly in the future. It can be overwhelming and there [...]

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