Find the Best Conveyor System for Your Distribution Center Automation

As e-commerce sales continue to grow with consumers staying at home, manufacturing deadlines have become tighter and more demanding, putting extra pressure on production and the overall efficiency of distribution centers.

Keep up with customer demands by finding the right distribution center conveyor system for your facility and ease overall stress with less effort and lower risk. Discover the benefits of distribution center automation and learn how to identify which characteristics of your production can contribute to maximizing order fulfillment.

Automation Leads to an Increase in Productivity

Distribution center automation often starts with the right technology. Conveyor systems don’t require your employees to carry any item from one part of your facility to the next, instead, they can put the item on a belt and have it transported for them over a longer distance with no manual labor. Additionally, the item does not require employee supervision as it makes its way through the warehouse. Finding ways to automate your warehouse isn’t just convenient and safer for your employees, it reduces labor costs and maximizes the return on investment (ROI).

Decreased Employee Accidents and Product Breaks

Integrating a distribution center conveyor system means less heavy lifting for your employees. This lowers the risk of injury and onsite accidents, along with less product damage and breaks. It also leads to higher productivity, increased ROI and fewer workers required to do the same action. Additionally, most conveyor systems have built-in safety features that intuitively respond to emergencies and reduce the risk of accidents.

Decreased Man Hours and Increased Floor Space

Once a conveyor system is installed, less labor will be needed for your products to move throughout your warehouse. This decreases man hours and frees up employee time to be spent on other more productive tasks like stocking materials and managing orders.

Distribution center conveyor systems can also be elevated or even partially outdoors, increasing floor space and opening up the possibility for more storage space.

Choosing the Right Type of Conveyor System to Maximize Your Fulfillment

With the many different kinds of warehouse conveyor systems out in the market, finding the best solution can be a challenge. In order to help narrow down your options and maximize your profits, consider the products your distribution center is handling. Each system has its own unique benefits — so take time to discover which distribution center conveyor system is right for your warehouse. Here are a few systems to consider:

  • Live Roller Conveyor
  • Belt-Over Roller Conveyor
  • Drag Chain Conveyor
  • Gravity Conveyor
  • Zero Pressure Conveyor
  • 24-Volt Conveyor
  • Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor
  • Sortation Conveyor
  • Food Grade Conveyor
  • Low Profile Conveyor
  • Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor
  • Line Shaft Conveyor
  • Activated Roller Belt Conveyor
  • Vertical Conveyor
  • Power and Free Conveyor
  • Spiral Conveyor

Size and Weight of Your Products

The size and weight of your products should be factored in before selecting a conveyor system. Most warehouse conveyor systems have a weight limit and optimize movement based on the size and fragility of a product.

How Gently Should You Handle Your Products?

How is your conveyor system moving? Can your products withstand the journey throughout the conveyor system? How long can your product stay on a conveyor? The movement design of your distribution center conveyor systems can affect the well-being of your product. If your product is not handled correctly, damage and breaks can become a common and costly issue.

Before purchasing a new system, consider its design movements — the turns, the height, the incline, the distance and how your products would handle it. Doing so will help you find the distribution center conveyor system that’s built to respond to the needs of your facility. For example, if your conveyor system is being used to handle food, a sanitary conveyor system might be the ideal solution.

Warehouse Conveyor Systems from RMH

RMH Systems carries a wide selection of distribution center conveyor systems that meet the needs of many different industries and products. If your company is looking to automate its production processes and fulfill more orders, browse our selection of conveyor systems or request a free consultation today!