The 4 Remarkable Benefits of an Automated Picking System

Automated Picking Systems Order picking is a crucial process in many industries. It is one of the most important components of order fulfillment for most industries. In the food industry, products have a limited shelf life and need to be picked and delivered quickly. Safety is a primary concern for the healthcare industry to ensure that medications, medical supplies, and equipment are delivered to [...]

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Palletizing Robots: Insider Knowledge On Efficient Robots

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for automated solutions to improve efficiency and reduce manufacturing and logistics operations costs. One such technology that has gained popularity is palletizing robots, which can significantly streamline the process of stacking and arranging goods on pallets. What are Palletizing Robots? Palletizing robots are designed to automate palletizing, making the necessary task safer and more efficient. Robotic [...]

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Warehouse Efficiency: Types of Warehouse Storage Systems

Finding the right storage system or a mix of systems is crucial for the efficient operation of your warehouse or distribution center and to ensuring all products and materials are neatly stored away for safety and easy access. Because there is a bevy of warehouse storage equipment to choose from, it’s best to consider the different types of warehouse storage systems before considering changes or [...]

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Debunked: 3 Common Misconceptions About Warehouse Automation

Making the shift to automation is an exciting moment for your warehouse. An expert warehouse automation system optimizes your workflow and helps you reach new levels of organization and productivity. However, the shift to automation can feel daunting, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Some common beliefs surrounding warehouse automation can be misleading. Get all the facts as we debunk three common misconceptions [...]

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How To Improve Warehouse Storage Without Expanding

Warehouse managers are always looking for ways to better manage their space. More space means more inventory, a smoother workflow, and greater productivity overall. When improving your warehouse’s storage capacity, options like expanding your physical space or moving to a different location usually come to mind first. Unfortunately, these options aren’t always efficient or cost-effective. How do you increase your space without pouring time and [...]

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Cold Storage Is The New ‘Hot’ Topic

The cold storage market continues to grow with consumer behavior continuing to shift as the comfort level with online shopping continues; In March of 2020, a survey conducted by Accenture found that about one-third of American shoppers were buying more frozen food than normal. Primary reasons for the increase: Consumer expectation has heightened for same day, next day delivery of all delivered products. Increase in [...]

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Robot Integrator

Automating processes with robots/automation is a great way to reallocate resources to safer tasks while improving productivity and quality, especially when you have an experienced robotic integration company at your side. FANUC Authorized System Integrators (ASI) is a trusted network of certified robotic solution providers who have the knowledge to identify your facility’s needs. From simple automation systems to more complex cells, they will [...]

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10 Factors To Help You Identify Industrial Automation Opportunities!

Have you been wondering if automation like robotics system integration could help you meet your business goals? RMH has outlined ten factors to consider in evaluating your situation: What processes are most monotonous and most disliked by employees? Which tasks pose the most safety risk to employees? Do you have skilled employees doing unskilled work? Where are the operational bottlenecks? What processes can’t be [...]

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Workstation Cranes Improve Productivity and Provide a Safer Work Environment

When dealing with lifting loads, a closed track workstation crane offers a higher rate of productivity when compared to a similar I-Beam design for cranes. The amount of force required to move the bridge is far lower than what an I-Beam design would require, and for many applications, the increase in productivity rate alone can justify the cost requirements for purchasing a crane. In addition, [...]

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Worth the Risk

By Ryan Howard, President RMH Systems, Inc. TS Eliot said, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” I have zero clue what he was applying the philosophy to, but it resonates with me when I reflect on the growth of RMH Systems. In quarter 1 of 2021, RMH Systems surpassed 100 employees for the first [...]

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