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Industrial Automation Systems: Worth the Investment

Innovative technology is driving process change in the supply chain. Industrial automation systems are no longer something to consider, they are an absolute necessity to stay competitive and realize growth potential. Every step in the supply chain process requires accuracy, traceability, and speed. We can help your team think through process flow optimization through the design and integration of material handling, packaging, and robotic automation solutions.

Success requires comprehensive engineering to develop and increase efficiencies throughout your warehouse. Our engineering teams in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas City and the surrounding states can help you think through your project. Our experts design innovative solutions to optimize space and automate production. Our engineers design, program, and install robotic cells, automated material handling equipment, and end-of-line packaging systems. Most importantly, our teams have the experience to integrate new equipment into existing systems, and we support our equipment systems after they are installed.

Robotic Automation

RMH Systems offers engineering, programming and installation of industrial robotics for multiple product applications and packaging lines.

Liquid Filling Automation

Our engineers design systems to simplify the process for liquid filling automation and achieve consistent fills and speed.

Warehouse Control Systems

Our team has designed control systems to handle volume peaks, improve conveyor system inefficiencies, and increase accuracy of orders.

Programming & Controls

Our engineers have experience with intuitive and basic programming for end-of-line packaging, automated storage, robotics and more.

Consulting & Design

RMH Systems works to understand your unique systems and provide the customization you need to achieve your desired output.

Systems Engineering

Our engineers use your output demands, warehouse space and labor costs to design innovative solutions to automate your process.

Why Automate Now

  • Less reliance on additional labor in a challenging labor climate
  • Productivity & throughput increase with no “shift layovers”, breaks, or labor shortages
  • Inventory and data are automated, making it simpler to manage in real-time
  • Safer for workers with decreased need for physical labor
  • Systems can be built more compact to save space and cost
  • Robotics offer near perfect consistency for faster production rates with little error

Looking for even more reasons you should automate your warehouse? Read our “Complete Guide to the Warehouse of the Future” or discover how distribution center conveyor systems can improve overall efficiency.

We are headquartered in Waukee, Iowa, but we have sales experts throughout the Midwest. We are the Midwest leaders, but we do projects all over the country.

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Systems Manager

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