Zero pressure accumulation conveyors are an innovative solution designed to enhance efficiency and reduce damage in material handling processes. These systems ensure that products do not touch each other while being conveyed, significantly reducing the risk of damage to fragile items. They are designed to hold products in specific zones, accumulating items as needed while maintaining a smooth flow down the line. A standout feature is the EZLogic® technology used in Hytrol conveyors, which efficiently manages the stopping and starting of products within these accumulation zones, thus enhancing overall control and responsiveness.

Material Handling Efficiency

One of the primary benefits of zero pressure accumulation conveyors is their energy efficiency. The zone-based control system powers only the necessary sections of the conveyor, reducing overall energy consumption and operating costs. This not only makes them cost-effective but also ensures long-term savings by minimizing product damage and maintenance requirements. These conveyors are highly versatile, capable of handling products of various sizes and weights, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Additionally, they offer heavy-duty and pallet models that can be customized for more robust applications, including palletized products. Another significant advantage is their reduced noise operation, which creates a more pleasant and quieter working environment.

Zero pressure accumulation conveyors are widely used in various sectors. They are ideal for distribution centers, where they help manage and organize products before they are shipped to their final destinations. Parcel service providers also benefit from these conveyors as they efficiently handle and sort parcels of varying sizes and weights, ensuring timely delivery. Furthermore, these conveyors are instrumental in product sorting applications, where they queue products for sorting, ensuring an organized and efficient workflow.

Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor

Hytrol Zero Pressure Conveyor System

Key Considerations

Before investing in a zero pressure accumulation conveyor, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. First, evaluate the characteristics of the products you need to convey, such as their size, weight, and fragility, to ensure the conveyor system can handle them effectively. Next, determine the throughput rate and load capacity required to meet your operational demands, taking into account peak times and the maximum volume of products. It is also essential to assess the available space and layout of your facility to ensure seamless integration of the conveyor system into your existing operations. An experienced systems integrator can help you explore all your options and recommend a solution tailored to your specific needs.


EZLogic Technology

Advanced control systems, like EZLogic®, are crucial for precise accumulation and release of products, enhancing overall system efficiency. Maintenance and support are other key factors; choose a system with a reliable support network to minimize downtime. Future scalability should also be considered, planning for growth and changes in your operations to ensure the conveyor system can be easily expanded or reconfigured as needed. Lastly, evaluate the total cost of ownership, including initial investment, operating costs, and maintenance expenses, to ensure the system fits within your budget while meeting your operational needs.

Your Next Step

Consult with RMH Systems, a one-stop-shop integrator, before investing in a zero pressure accumulation conveyor. Their experts will help evaluate your operational needs and provide tailored systems that seamlessly integrate into your operations. RMH Systems offers full support from consultation to maintenance, ensuring efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Enhance material handling processes and productivity with their conveyor systems. Let’s build better systems together! Contact RMH Systems for more information.