Reduce Product Damage with Zero-Pressure Conveyors

Today’s consumers want more products faster than ever before, which can be a challenge for delicate or fragile items. And product damage can affect your bottom line and customer satisfaction. With a zero-pressure conveyor, you can meet those demands while reducing waste.

Your company has unique needs and challenges. Our team at RMH Systems can help you solve them as a trusted conveyor system integrator for zero-pressure conveyors and other solutions to boost profitability.

We’re your single-source integration partner for material handling automation, handling the engineering, implementation and aftermarket service in-house. This convenient process saves time because you won’t have to coordinate with multiple vendors.

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What Is a Zero-Pressure Accumulation Conveyor?

Zero-pressure accumulation conveyor systems, also called ZPA conveyors, stop products from touching each other while they’re being conveyed. They hold packets, boxes, pallets and other items in specific zones to avoid back pressure and bottlenecks. This helps reduce damage and waste, making them ideal for handling fragile or delicate items.

There are a couple different styles of zero-pressure conveyors. One is simulated, handling just one product per zone. Another is dynamic, which can handle a mix of shorter or longer products.

Once it detects products, a zero-pressure accumulation roller conveyor may use airbags to drop power from the rollers. Or it may turn the power on and off.

What Is a Minimum-Pressure Conveyor?

When compared to zero pressure, a minimum-pressure accumulation conveyor has several key differences. This type of conveyor allows products to touch but reduces contact through pressure plates that slip and have less drive.

Both styles of conveyors are suitable for a wide variety of industries. If you’re not sure what style is best for your application, our engineers can assist you. Contact us for more information about our warehouse conveyor systems.

Industries Where Zero-Pressure Accumulation Conveyors Are Used

Zero-pressure conveyors are commonly used in:
  • Distribution centers
  • Industries that regularly handle packages or parcels
  • Applications where products need to be sorted
Hytrol pallet conveyor

We offer a wide range of configurations for zero-pressure accumulation conveyor systems to fit your needs. Ask our engineers for more information.

Capabilities of Zero-Pressure Conveyors

A carton moves across a 24-volt zero-pressure conveyor.
  • Available as zero-pressure accumulation roller conveyors and zero-pressure accumulation belt conveyors to fit your unique application.
  • Suitable for handling a wide range of items where damage is a concern, including parcels, boxes and pallets of varying sizes.
  • Handles a wide range of product weights, from under a pound to 4,000 pounds.
  • Can run at 120 feet per minute for lighter items or 28-35 feet per minute for heavier loads.
  • Needs little maintenance, which varies from semiannual to annual, depending on your system’s size.
  • Compatible with a wide range of equipment:

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