Making sure the right conveyor system is implemented into your production process is incredibly important. They’re a highly efficient way to transport items while helping you make the most of workers, increasing productivity and boosting safety.

Well-thought-out decisions such as the type, speed, and integration with other industrial automation systems are important, but there’s also three other considerations that may not have topped your list.

1. What’s Your Budget?

As a trusted conveyor system integrator, we’ve helped companies of all sizes automate and grow, ranging from small, local manufacturers to Fortune 500 operations. Automating your operations is a significant investment and adding a conveyor system is no different. However, your new material handling equipment will pay for itself over time through improved productivity, better safety, and future growth.

How much a conveyor system costs depends on:

  • Conveyor system type—A specialized conveyor such as zero-pressure or 24-volt will cost more than gravity.
  • Installation location—The environment it will be installed in can impact cost, especially if there are extreme temperatures or conditions.
  • Complexity—Length, elevation, programming, and power source all play a role in cost.

2. Do You Have Enough Space?

Conveyors take up space, so it’s important that you have the right layout to accommodate one in your current space. We often see customers in a jam because they’re growing fast and need to hire more employees, but, like many others in the industry, are struggling to find applicants. And with the fast growth, they don’t have enough room in their warehouse for a conveyor or may be facing a more expensive system because of space logistics.

In these instances, we may recommend expanding or moving to a new location so you can clean up your operations and have ample room for a warehouse conveyor system.

3. How Quickly Do You Need to Get Orders Out the Door?

We want to make sure that a conveyor system is the right solution for your needs. Some of the questions we’ll ask include:

  • How much you’re shipping in a day and what your future growth may look like
  • What you’re shipping, such as cartons or pallets
  • How quickly you need to get orders out the door. We think in terms of throughput and rates, which determine system design.

Trust RMH Systems for Your Next Conveyor System

As a leading material handling equipment supplier, we’re in and out of many distribution centers every year. This allows us to see many best practices in place, which we can then suggest to our customers.

If you’re ready to begin automating your operations, our team of expert engineers is here to assist you. Ask us about scheduling a free consultation today!