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Unit Handling Conveyors

As an official Hytrol distributor, we have access to a wide variety of Unit Handling conveyor models, as well as conveyor accessories and parts, many of which are available online for 24-hour shipping. From Powered Roller and Gravity Conveyors to Inclined and Portable Conveyors, we have your solution! For Unit Handling Conveyor information, contact us.

Our Vendors
Feel free to visit Hytrol Conveyor Product Catalogue for additional specifications and details.

  • Inclined Belt Conveyor

    “Floor to Floor” Inclined Belt conveyors are designed to move product between two different elevations. They are excellent to convey between floor levels and can be used as incline or decline units.

    Additional Information

    • Equipped with chain driven power feeder
    • Adjustable double nose-over at the discharge for smooth transfer from incline to horizontal plane
    • Can be used as booster conveyor in gravity flow systems
    See Complete Specifications

  • Sortation Conveyor

    Sortation conveyor is available for high speed sorting, divert sorting, multi-stage sorting, and small item sorting in various configurations and variations allowing for the complete customization of a system to increase efficiency and speed up the sortation process.

    Available Sortation Conveyor: Shoe Sorter, Belt Sorter, Small Item Sorters, Belt Sorter, Pivoting Divert Sorter, Multi-Stage Right Angle Sorter, Pivoting Bow Arm Sorter

    Additional Information

    • Sort large products to very small items
    • High speed, gentle sortation solutions available
    • Custom sortation solutions available
    See Complete Specifications

  • Powered Roller Conveyor

    The powered roller conveyor is a general transport conveyor with some models having the capabilities of accumulating products with minimum back pressure while others are strictly live roller. The powered roller conveyor is a valuable component in operations requiring high performance with minimal downtime.

    Available Powered Roller Conveyor: Live Roller, Minimum Pressure, Zero Pressure, Line Shaft and Chain Driven Roller Conveyor.

    Additional Information

    • Quiet operation
    • Versatile designs
    • Easy Installation & Maintenance
    See Complete Specifications

  • Belt Conveyor

    Belt conveyors are one of the most widely used package handling power conveyors. They are frequently used for assembly operations and general transportation.

    Available Belt Conveyor: Slider Bed, Roller Bed and Floor to Floor Conveyor

    Additional Information

    • Inexpensive Conveying Solution
    • Simple Construction
    • Quiet operation
    • Easy to install
    See Complete Specifications

  • Gravity Conveyor

    Use gravity to your advantage! Gravity conveyor moves objects without motor power for efficient, low-cost handling. Available Gravity Conveyor Models include: Roller Conveyor, Skatewheel Conveyor and Ball Caster Conveyor.

    Additional Information

    • Ideal for carrying light to medium weight packages
    • Can be setup in temporary or permanent installations
    • Many styles and options are available for efficient and low cost handling
    • We have many varieties of gravity conveyor in stock for immediate shipment
    See Complete Specifications

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