Improve Your Order Fulfillment Process with Live Roller Conveyors

Whether you’re just beginning to automate your order fulfillment process or are looking for ways to increase throughput while reducing costs as your operations grow, live roller conveyors are a smart solution.

At RMH Systems, our team of experts specializes in helping companies of all sizes work more safely and efficiently. We’re dedicated to helping you grow your business through industrial automation systems that help you streamline your material handling process.

When it comes to designing your conveyor system, working with a trusted single-source conveyor system integrator like RMH helps you cut down on time you’d spend coordinating with multiple vendors. Our engineers and support staff handle the process fully in-house, from design to implementation and aftermarket service.

RMH has the experience and expertise to create custom solutions that fit your company’s operations, regardless of their size or complexity. With more than 80 years of experience, we’ll ensure you have a conveyor system that fits your unique needs. Get in touch with our engineers today to find out how we can help you optimize your workflow.

What Is a Live Roller Conveyor?

Live roller conveyors are extremely versatile and considered the basic building blocks in automating material handling processes. They use an electric motor to power rollers and force cartons forward or uphill at a steady rate. This makes them well-suited for assembly line operations, shipping and receiving departments, packaging areas, food processing plants and more.

Small sections of these warehouse conveyor systems can perform specialized tasks, such as rotating cartons 90 degrees, diverting them, stopping them and making them move again.

There are different types of live roller conveyor systems:

  • Line shaft conveyor—Uses a central motor or other drive source to transmit power to the individual rollers. This continuous loop of interconnected rollers is driven by the central motor, which causes all of the rollers to rotate in unison.
  • Belt-driven live roller conveyor—Uses a continuous belt and pulleys to transmit power to the rollers. The belt runs underneath the rollers, effectively “driving” them as it moves along the line. This design often allows for smoother operation, improved speed regulation and faster speeds than other types of powered roller conveyors. These systems are built to handle larger payloads with ease and support a variety of different types of materials such as cartons, food items and more.
  • CDLR conveyor—Uses a series of interconnected rollers and drive chains to move heavy products and materials with ease, including items such as full pallets weighing several tons, large parts or manufacturing materials. The purpose of the interconnecting roller chain is to transfer power from one roller to the next creating a controlled movement of the load in a consistent direction. This type of conveyor is also known as a chain-driven live roller conveyor.
  • 24-volt conveyor—Known for its compact design, quiet operation and variable-speed adjustments, making it a great choice for many industrial applications. This type of conveyor is most commonly used to handle cases and is also called a DC roller conveyor or MDR conveyor.

Industries Where Live Roller Conveyors Are Used

Configurations for Live Roller Conveyors

Our live roller conveyor systems are custom designed to meet your needs. Ask our engineers for more information.

Capabilities of Live Roller Conveyors

Cartons on a live roller conveyor

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