Maximize Your Employees with Activated Roller Belt Conveyors

Dedicating an operator to manually turning cartons or applying labels is inefficient. With activated roller belt conveyors, you’ll be able to reassign your employees to more fulfilling, higher-demand areas. And you can further boost your efficiency and productivity by pairing your conveyor system with industrial robots and labeling equipment to handle repetitive tasks.

As a leading conveyor system integrator, our team at RMH Systems understands the unique challenges your company faces. Our experienced team will fully handle your industrial automation system project in-house, from engineering to implementation and aftermarket service, saving you time you’d otherwise spend coordinating with multiple vendors.

For more than 80 years, our material handling automation services have helped companies like yours improve their efficiency and safety. Regardless of size or complexity, we’re confident we can assist you too. Ask us about how we can design a custom solution for your needs.

What Is an Activated Roller Belt Conveyor?

An activated roller belt conveyor, also known as an ARB converter or roller conveyor diverter, manipulates items and changes their orientation. It can rotate and direct cartons, totes, bins, envelopes and padded pouches 90 or 180 degrees. This allows for intermediate steps, such as applying shipping labels or allowing an operator to gain access.

ARB conveyors are more flexible than other types of conveyors, making them ideal if you anticipate customer operations or product lines changing in the future. Instead of having your conveyor system replaced, you can have RMH reprogram it.

Industries Where Activated Roller Belt Conveyors Are Used

Activated roller belt conveyors are commonly used in:

Food processing
Order processing
Fabrication and assembly
Dorner case handling system

Configurations for Activated Roller Belt Conveyors

We offer a wide range of configurations for activated roller belt conveyors to fit your needs. Ask our engineers for more information about our warehouse conveyor systems.

Capabilities of Activated Roller Belt Conveyors

ARB conveyor

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