Meet Customer Demands and Improve Safety with Food Grade Conveyors

Whether you handle food, beverages, pharmaceuticals or agricultural products, you need a stainless-steel conveyor system that can keep up with demands from today’s consumers. Especially when you’re concerned about food safety or dealing with corrosive substances.

We recognize that every company, including yours, faces a unique set of challenges. That’s why RMH Systems specializes as a conveyor system integrator for stainless steel and food grade conveyors, plus the other capabilities you need to improve profitability.

As your single-source integration partner for material handling automation, RMH handles all the engineering, implementation and aftermarket service in-house for food handling conveyors. This makes the process more convenient and saves time, since you won’t have to coordinate with multiple vendors.

Our industrial automation systems have helped companies like yours work more safely and efficiently for more than 80 years. Contact us today about how we can engineer and implement a custom solution for your business, regardless of size or complexity.

What is a Food Grade Conveyor?

Based on what your business needs, conveyors for food processing can serve different purposes. They can be designed to meet stringent USDA/FDA standards. Or they can be used to lower operating costs by simplifying the cleaning process.

Types of Food Grade Conveyors

There are four different types of food grade conveyors:

Used for basic products liked baked goods. Typically cleaned with a low-pressure hose and moderate chemicals.

Entry-level, stainless-steel conveyor used for primary packaged food like dairy products. Has features like food-grade bearings and sanitary motors that can handle a high-pressure sprayer and higher levels of cleaning chemicals.

Incorporates more features without the higher cost. Used for secondary packaged food, such as packaged meat within a box. Can handle a high-pressure sprayer and higher levels of cleaning chemicals to prevent bacteria.

Highest-end conveyor typically used for direct food contact, such as meat. Features washout areas and offset brackets. Cleaned with a high-pressure sprayer and higher levels of cleaning chemicals to prevent bacteria.

Industries Where Food Grade Conveyors Are Used

Besides food and beverages, stainless steel conveyors are also commonly used for:

Personal care products
Agricultural chemicals
Items are conveyed on a food-grade conveyor.

Configurations for Food Grade Conveyors

Eggs being conveyed on a food-grade conveyor.

Stainless steel conveyors can either be open tube or enclosed. Depending on your needs, food industry conveyor systems can have plates and aprons added to contain spills, crumbs, dropped products and for safety. Hoods can also be added to contain light or expensive products, as well as on air conveyors for food.

We offer a wide range of configurations for food product conveyors to fit your needs. Ask our engineers for more information.

Capabilities of Food Grade Conveyors

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