warehouse automation

Making the shift to automation is an exciting moment for your warehouse. An expert warehouse automation system optimizes your workflow and helps you reach new levels of organization and productivity. However, the shift to automation can feel daunting, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Some common beliefs surrounding warehouse automation can be misleading. Get all the facts as we debunk three common misconceptions about warehouse automation with this rundown.

Automation Isn’t for Small Warehouses

Many people think of automation and imagine massive warehouses that serve multi-national businesses. But you don’t need an enterprise to benefit from warehouse automation. Even small businesses can achieve a lot with a fitting automation solution. The trick is to find an automation system that complements your existing workflow and doesn’t overwhelm your resources. You can find a system that effectively suits your unique business needs by working with warehouse automation experts.

Automation Leads to Excess Downtime

One of the common misconceptions about warehouse automation is that a complex system will lead to downtime that ruins productivity. If something goes wrong with a specific piece of equipment, will your entire system shut down? IT issues and other complications are inevitable, but they don’t have to ruin your entire workflow. Quality warehouse systems have risk control measures, such as alerts to potential equipment failure. Additionally, preventative maintenance can help reduce system downtime and repair costs over time.

Automation Is Complicated to Install and Maintain

Some warehouse managers worry that an automation system won’t fit into their space or will be too bulky and complicated to maintain in the long run. You can address their concerns through custom strategies that deliver high-quality, intuitive warehouse solutions. With the correct planning, you can integrate your automation system anywhere. Plus, professional installation and support make it easy to get your system up and running successfully.

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