We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of automating in your warehouse. Everything from order picking to your conveyor systems can benefit from automation, so what about your pallet rack shelving? Some warehouses are choosing to motorize their pallet rack shelves so they can move back and forth automatically, using a motor that’s embedded in either the floor or ceiling and putting their shelves on tracks. Is this another automation benefit that your warehouse should consider?

Determining Whether a Motorized Rack System is Right For You

The Benefits of Automating Your Pallet Racks

Automating pallet rack shelving can offer a number of important benefits for warehouse space. First, it can vastly increase the amount of storage you have available in the same amount of square footage. That’s because you won’t need to leave as much space between each shelving unit, so you can get more of them into your warehouse. It could also help eliminate some on-site workplace accidents, as well since employees will have less interaction and movement among the pallet racks.

The Potential Disadvantages of Motorized Pallet Racks

The biggest disadvantage of motorizing your pallet racks is the cost. Putting pallet rack shelving onto the necessary tracks and installing a system that can move them back and forth isn’t going to be cheap. The next disadvantage is that it could actually slow down your warehouse. This sort of system is best for warehouses with a small number of SKUs who don’t need to access all of their inventory all of the time; otherwise, you may be waiting for a machine to move your pallet racks when you could have just as easily (or even more efficiently) walked there to pick it up yourself.

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Determining which pallet rack system is right for you is the first step to an efficiently run warehouse. RMH Systems can help you determine whether a motorized or non-motorized system is the right choice for your warehouse. Once we’ve done that, our team can give you a comprehensive quote on having the system installed in your space, including material costs and even installation from our professional teams. We’ll make sure you get the assistance, supplies and equipment that you need to develop the perfect setup for your warehouse.

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