More Wisconsin warehouses are automating their processes in order to become more efficient. We’ve heard from some of our customers that they are concerned automation will require them to invest in entirely new infrastructure for their warehouse, including the purchase of a new wholesale pallet rack. This simply isn’t true. The right system should work with your pallet racks instead of against them, so you can keep your existing pallet racks in place while still enjoying the efficiency of an automated system.

Automation could be anything from updating your computer systems and eliminating some of the data entry you rely on currently, or even putting in conveyor belts that move products automatically and eliminate some of the ground your employees are covering each day. While some automation could require you to change aspects or even the footprint of your warehouse, in general, there are steps most warehouses can take to greatly speed up their production without a complete overhaul of their internal infrastructure.

RMH Systems in Wisconsin can help you find those solutions! We’ve worked with warehouse managers in Green Bay, Pleasant Prairie, Milwaukee, and beyond and we’re ready to work with you, too. We can help you find new wholesale pallet racks, conveyor systems, and other automation solutions that will have your warehouse running smoother than ever. Our solutions take into account the needs of your warehouse as well as your budget to get you the solution that’s best for you. Get in touch with the RMH Systems team today and learn more about automating within your existing warehouse setup!