New Expectations

Consumers today are living in an on-demand world where they can do more from their homes and get things faster and this sends ripple effects across nearly every industry, boiling down to the need to have more items readily available, with a greater variety, and the ability to get it quicker. Within the manufacturing industry, this means there is an ever-increasing need to improve speed and throughput, a desire for high accuracy on picks, and diversification of production runs. The bottom line is that the conditions for picking and placing have changed drastically to meet output demands. These are just some of the reasons to consider incorporating robotic systems integration into your packaging line.

Automated Solutions

One common misconception about automating the picking and placing process is that the robot gets set up for a static application. However, current software allows a robot to be able to adapt to your picking and packaging needs. They can use visual line tracking technology to provide eye-hand coordination skills that allow them to measure, sort, and pick loose parts in a system. They can come with vision systems that allow them to identify, sort, and select random objects on a conveyor system based on location, color, shape, size, and more.

A robot can work with uninterrupted speed, accuracy, and dexterity without the need for breaks, providing a consistent output during its operation. Therefore, despite the widespread labor shortfall and increased customer demand associated with the pandemic disruption. early adopters of robotic picking reaped the benefits of both improved accuracy and cycle times. As companies learn the value of flexible and scalable solutions through industrial automation systems, using human operators for picking and placing products on a production line is quickly becoming a less efficient approach. Additionally, this new flexibility provides the opportunity for workers to be redeployed to do more value-added tasks, and make larger contributions to the companies’ success.

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