What’s the most precious commodity in your Illinois warehouse? If you ask that question to a warehouse supervisor, almost universally they will tell you that it is space. Your warehouse depends on having enough space to meet the demands of your customers! It makes little or no difference as to what you are storing or the size and weight of the items, space is precious and it can run out quickly. It’s easy to start running out of space if you aren’t using some clever ideas to sort and organize your inventory. One of the best things that a warehouse manager can do to optimize the use of their space and solve the issue of inventory overpopulation is utilizing the right warehouse equipment.

What Equipment Do You Need in Your Warehouse?

It’s important to optimize the basics in your warehouse before you start moving onto more complicated, costly, and time-consuming solutions. The foundation of any good warehouse is your pallet shelves. A professionally designed pallet rack system is not only a cost-effective solution for warehouse storage, it will also:

  • Increase the total space you can utilize for storage. Certain systems, such as narrow aisle and drive-thru pallet racking, allow you to increase the density of your storage in the same amount of square footage.
  • Improve work-flow and reduce labor costs. A well-organized pallet racking can help reduce the number of times the products need to be handled before they make it out the door, and they’ll also make it easier to locate the necessary items on the shelves much faster.
  • Goes a long way to improving the safety of your warehouse environment. Having the right pallet racking system in place helps prevent racking collapse, keeps your team safe when picking and processing items, and prevents injuries by keeping inventory organized and off of the warehouse floor.

Which Racking System is Best For Your Illinois Warehouse?

There are numerous pallet racking options available to you. The key is selecting the right one. By selecting the right pallet racking system, you ensure that your warehouse has the most efficient storage solution that can accomplish the functions of your specific operating needs. Having the wrong system in place, however, can cause your warehouse to work slower, increase operations costs, and run out of the precious commodity of space much faster.

So which racking system should you choose? It will depend on factors specific to your warehouse. For instance, if you have a large variety of products and need to be able to easily access the majority of them at all times, then a selective pallet racking system would probably work best for you. This is the most common racking system used in warehouses around the world. It’s not necessarily the most efficient use of your storage space, but it will definitely maximize your product visibility. For some warehouses, this is the most important factor for picking and processing orders as quickly as possible. This is also ideal for companies that sell products in a warehouse-type setting, as it gives your customers a clear view of your products and allows them to select them off the shelves easily while still providing you with plenty of inventory storage on upper levels. However, if your company stocks small boxes and you don’t require a lot of pallet storage, you’d want to consider a carton plow racking system. This would give you space for all of your smaller boxes and maximize storage space without wasting precious square footage.

There are so many more options available for warehouses. You can learn more about drive-in pallet racking and double-deep pallet racking on our blog as well.

RMH Always Has the Right Warehouse Equipment at the Right Price

We understand that getting your warehouse equipment at the right price is as important as getting the right warehouse equipment in the first place. That’s why we work with many warehouses and distribution centers in Illinois and beyond to help them overcome all of their space issues. First, we’ll partner you with a project manager who is familiar with your area and your industry. They’ll provide you with a complete analysis of your warehouse equipment and help you identify the areas that could be optimized to give you more storage space. They will provide you with information on the equipment that will work best in your environment and provide you with a quote. Our team will work hard to find the best equipment at the best price. Then you can place an order for the items that you want to integrate into your space; we can even take care of the installation!

Give us a call or contact our team through our website. We’d love to talk to you about all of our warehouse services and how we can help you find more space and optimize your current storage. Get in touch with us today!