Selective pallet racks are the most common racking solution you’ll find in warehouses, and for the majority of spaces, it’s one of the best solutions to their pallet storage needs. However, for other companies that don’t need access to all of their inventory 100% of the time, double deep racking could be a better way to go. It can save space without a lot of expense or inconvenience.

Benefits of Double Deep Pallet Racks

Double deep pallet racks are exactly what the name implies; instead of a single pallet rack, these shelves go back two pallets deep. Essentially, it eliminates an aisle between each row of pallet shelving. This can increase your space by 65%, perfect for warehouses which are running low on floor space but don’t want to expand or move locations. If you don’t need access to your inventory all the time and if rotation of your inventory isn’t a huge concern, this is a very economical solution for your warehouse. You may end up moving items around more often when you need to get to items stored in the second row, but for the savings it can be a minor sacrifice.

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