RMH’s K3 WERKS In-rack Sprinkler Guards were designed with varying warehouse systems in mind. We created multiple sizes and an adjustable sprinkler guard to account for different flue spaces, bay depths, and sprinkler head locations. The biggest question we’ve received so far is: how do I determine what sprinkler guard is right for my system? We’re here to answer that question!

1.  Locate the sprinkler head.

2.  If it’s within 6.5″ of a beam, you can use a single beam-mounted sprinkler guard.

3.  If the sprinkler head is in the flue space or inside a bay section, you should use a double beam-mounted sprinkler guard. These guards were created with common flue space depths and upright depths in mind. We have a guard for 10-12″ flue spaces, 16-18″ flue spaces, 42-44″ upright depths, and a guard that adjusts from 36″ to 54″ when a static guard does not fit your space properly.

4.  To determine flue space depth, measure from the face side of one beam to the face side of the adjacent beam.

5.  To determine bay depth, measure the depth of your upright.

6.  Select a sprinkler guard size based on your measurements.

7.  Note: if the distance from the bottom of your beam to the bottom of your sprinkler head is greater than 3.5″, you will need an offset bracket.

NEW VIDEO! Sprinkler Guard Impact Test

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