With R&M’s Hoist Watch Bluetooth capabilities you are now able to connect to your bridge panel from your phone via Bluetooth and mobile application. This connection allows you to find fault codes and basic monitoring functions without needing to physically interact with your hoist. Connecting remotely also means you don’t need to impede on your processes and can decrease downtime immensely.

Hoist Watch Bluetooth Functions

  • Safe Working Period Percentage (SWP%): Tracks the theoretical lifetime of the hoist per ISO/FEM regulations. It starts out at 100% and descends towards 0%.
  • Starts: Tracks the number of starts of the hoist in either direction.
  • Run Time: Tracks the total hoist running time in hours in both lifting and lowering directions.
  • Braking: Counts number of braking operations.
  • Hoist Cycles Counter: Tracks the number of hoist cycles. Tracks when it detects a load difference of 20%.
  • Power On Time: How long the crane is on.
  • Mean Load: Average load handled during recorded cycles.
  • Brake SWP%: Tracks the theoretical lifetime of the hoist brake. It is calculated by using the number of starts and E-stops.

When using R&M’s Hoist Monitor Elite feature with (2) hoists, the feature can provide one or more of these functions:

  • Common Hoist Supervision
  • Intermediate Load Limit Settings
  • Summing Overload Protection

We have a full team of crane experts ready if you want to hear more about how Hoist Watch Bluetooth Capabilities can help improve your processes. You can email me directly or get in contact with us here!