Planning out your warehouse is a time-consuming process, but it’s one that will pay off in a big way once you have everything set up and your warehouse is running efficiently and cost-effectively. Once you’ve completed your warehouse planning and designed the layout, it’s time to place an order for all of the warehouse equipment that you need. You’ll probably have a list of pallet rack shelving, conveyor system parts, forklifts, and ladders that you’ll need to complete your space. You probably feel like you have a pretty comprehensive list, and you likely do. But one of the things that many warehouse planners forget when they are laying out warehouse space is also one of the most important ones: wire decking.

You might think wire decking is a relatively minor piece of warehouse equipment. Cost wise, it is. It’s one of the more inexpensive pieces of warehouse equipment that you’ll need to invest in. But when it comes to usefulness, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. Check out the important role wire decking can play in your warehouse and why you need to add it to your warehouse equipment order.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip the Wire Decking


Safety is an important aspect of your warehouse, and wire decking can help. Wire decking adds an important layer of safety to wholesale pallet racks. The decking prevents products from falling from pallets onto lower shelves, the warehouse floor, or your employees. That makes both merchandise and team members safer in the warehouse. When you invest in the safety of your warehouse, you’ll end up lowering costs associated with worker’s compensation claims and losses from damaged merchandise. You’ll be amazed at what the small addition of wire decking can do for the safety of your warehouse.


Wire decking is made up of a sturdy, open mesh design. Because of the open mesh design of wire decking, it can actually make your warehouse a cleaner place. Dust and debris won’t accumulate on shelves and need to be cleaned off periodically. If your wire decking does need to be cleaned, you can simply take a hose to it or wipe it off with a stiff brush. This can cut down on labor costs associated with cleaning and help you keep your warehouse more organized. Cleanliness should be a top priority in your warehouse due to its impact on safety, costs, and efficiency, and wire decking will help make it less of a hassle.


When you install wire decks with your pallet racks, they are no longer just a pallet rack. They’ll be able to hold cartons, boxes, drums, and more! This allows you to expand the available storage space in your warehouse, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changing inventory without a lot of unnecessary new investment. When you can adapt to the changes happening in your market without a lot of expense, that can give you an edge over your competition. That’s the small advantage that can end up putting you miles ahead of the rest of your industry.


Team members will be able to see what’s on even the highest pallet racks thanks to the open mesh of the wire decks. They can also help with lighting in your warehouse because they won’t block overhead light from filtering through to the floor, which is what wooden platforms and other pallet shelving additions can do. Better visibility in your warehouse means your team will be able to operate more efficiently and work with fewer errors. That means more happy customers and fewer returned orders to process, all thanks to a little added visibility in your warehouse.

Need to Add Wire Decking to Your Order?

Wire decking can be an affordable investment in your warehouse equipment that pays off with big returns. It’s important to get the wire decking that works for your pallet racking and your inventory. The RMH Systems team can help. If you are already working with a project manager on our team, talk to them about adding wire decking to your shelving if they haven’t already suggested it. They’ll make sure you have the right equipment.

Wire decking is easy to install along with an order of wholesale pallet racks. When your wire decking arrives, you can have your team do the installation or we can do it for you. Just let the RMH team know you are interested in our installation services; we can manage everything from a total warehouse set up to just the installation of your wire decking. We’ll manage the process from beginning to end or just handle the parts that you don’t want to do on your own!

Our wire decks are strong, durable, and virtually maintenance-free. Add them to your order of wholesale pallet racks today! Call 855-864-0340 or place your order online with RMH Systems.