There is one thing that can kill the safety record and efficiency of your warehouse faster than almost anything else: lack of accountability. Warehouse managers spend a great deal of time setting up processes for their industrial shelves, conveyor systems, and other warehouse equipment. Each process that is put into place is there to help keep workers safe and create a more efficient work environment for the warehouse. However, no matter how good your process might be, it’s worthless if you don’t hold your team accountable.

Accountability has to be a staple of warehouse culture. Allowing someone to neglect an aspect of their job in the hopes that someone else down the line will fix the issue for them will only cause issues among your team and derail any process that you’ve carefully put into place. While you want a team that works together to create a warehouse that moves along efficiently and helps each other out on the job, you don’t want anyone to cover for someone else’s negligence. Encouraging accountability between departments in a non-confrontational or accusatory manner can help create an environment where processes are closely adhered to and employees pay attention to details.

The result will be more organized industrial shelves, a more efficient picking and packing team, and happier customers as their orders get out the door and on their way faster. Need help creating the right process for your team or designing a warehouse layout that’s as efficient as possible? RMH Systems can help. Contact us today to get started with our warehouse services and warehouse material handling equipment.