RMH Systems is often asked by companies in the Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Pleasant Prairie areas what they can do to get more storage out of their existing space. Many Wisconsin companies are eager to avoid the cost of moving their warehouse and hope that by cramming a few more pallet shelves into their warehouse they’ll get the room that they need. When our expert teams arrive at their warehouse, many times we can identify the biggest space issue in your warehouse almost immediately: small items placed on pallet shelves. 

It’s tempting to place small items on those big empty shelves, but it can cause a lot of problems. Placing small items on pallet shelves isn’t making the most of your available space. Small items aren’t taking advantage of the overhead space on a pallet shelf, so you have huge gaps of space that could be used. Instead of looking for more square feet to place an additional pallet shelf, look for these gaps of space on your pallet racks. Are you using that space as well as you could be? Additionally, small items on these shelves are easily lost, slowly down your warehouse and driving up your waste costs.

RMH Systems can help your Wisconsin warehouse make the most of your existing space. We can help you implement gravity flow and carton racks that keep small items in place while utilizing existing space to give you more storage. Discover more about how our project managers can transform your warehouse into the space you need it to be–without the cost of moving!