What area is more important to your warehouse: your pallet rack or your pick line? The truth is both areas play a vital role in the storage and order fulfillment part of your business. However, there is only so much you can do to optimize the pallet rack in your Wisconsin warehouse:

  • Make sure it’s in good shape. Don’t let old or faulty equipment stay in your warehouse–replace it promptly.
  • Keep it clean. Remove debris and keep the pallet rack organized to improve efficiency.
  • Stay on top of safety training. Make sure your employees are continuously being trained on warehouse safety to reduce accidents and injuries.

When it comes to your pick line, though, there are likely numerous things you could be doing to improve on that space. Optimizing your pick areas increases employee efficiency, increases production, and helps your bottom line. Here are a few things to consider for improvements in your pick areas:

  • Reduce the amount of space your employees have to cover. Pay attention to their pick paths, and rearrange areas if necessary to reduce the amount of space they need to cover. This reduces fatigue on your team as well as speeds up fulfillment and production.
  • Use the right storage. Whether it is gravity flow racks, conveyor belts, or even pallet racks, using the right storage for your products is vital to keeping everything organized and making smart use of your space.
  • Make it safe and comfortable. Standing mats to reduce wear on knees, bright lighting to make it easy to find the right products, and the right temperature control are all small things that make a big difference in both employee morale and output.

Have questions about how to optimize these areas of your warehouse? Give the RMH Systems team a call and we’ll help your Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Pleasant Prairie-area warehouse a hand.