Carton flow racks can be a great addition to any warehouse, but they are almost a necessity on your pick line. Any warehouse that’s dealing with picking inventory for orders can benefit from the addition of a carton flow rack. It can increase the accuracy of your picked orders, speed up order processing time, and save manpower. Here are some other benefits you should keep in mind:

  • Carton flow racks keep you organized. Your team will be able to see everything they need to quickly and accurately pick orders.
  • They are easily restocked. Just two people can keep your inventory going in and out, eliminating unnecessary waste spent on additional stocking manpower.
  • They can be expanded. Have a big project coming up and need more room? These mobile shelves can be easily added and expanded to give you exactly the space that you need.

Your employees will love that the carton flow rack you’ve added to your line makes their job easier. You’ll love that it helps you save time and money in your warehouse. It’s a win-win for everyone, including your customers who will get their orders sooner. It’s an option you need to look at right away, especially as your orders increase.

Want to explore putting a carton flow rack onto your line? Give RMH Systems a call today. We’ll help you plan the logistics of adding a carton flow rack and can offer you a great price on the racks that you need. Call us at 800-851-4995 for more information and a quote on the racks you need today!