While not as prevalent as many other pallet racks in the materials handling industry, cantilever racks are certainly a useful item in the right circumstances. These racks consist of support beams that use arms to support items. You’ve most likely seen this unique storage solution in warehouse stores. So when are these the right solution for your warehouse?

Primarily, this is the right storage solution when you are storing multiple long items. Lumber, tubing, pipes, conduit, and other difficult-to-store items can all be neatly stored on cantilever racks. The use of wire decking can expand the cantilever’s usefulness, too, and make it great for storing heavy objects of varying sizes, such as furniture. The open front design makes it easy to pick out the long merchandise for use or order fulfillment, too, so there is no need for your pick team to slow down to sort through a messy pile of items to find the right one. Everything will be nicely sorted on each cantilever shelf made with two or more supporting arms.

If you have a difficult-to-store item in your warehouse and are looking for a solution, cantilever racks might be it. If they aren’t, though, we’ll help you find a solution that is. Cantilever shelves are just the beginning of what we can do for your warehouse! Get in touch with the RMH Systems team to learn more about unique warehouse storage solutions that can fix all of your storage issues today.