When you choose RMH Systems, you’re choosing a team that finds solutions that work for you. Within our selection of material handling systems and solutions, we’re sure that we can find a system that works for you. It’s time to upgrade your warehouse to a more efficient stocking system so you can get the most out of your space and save time and money while doing so. Whether you’re looking for a pallet flow rack system or a new mezzanine level addition, you’ve come to the right place.

Some of the solutions we offer to our valued customers:

Selective Pallet Racks. As one of the most efficient material handling solutions, selective pallet racking is the building block on which we build some of our other solutions, too. This system provides the best ratio of storage capacity to product selectivity. Who does this work for? Whether you have basic storing needs or a complex order-picking operation, selective pallet racking is an efficient storage option.

Double Deep Pallet Racks. Double deep pallet racking is the next level of the selective pallet rack system. This is achieved by placing a second selective pallet rack immediately behind the first one, removing the need for an aisle in between the two rows and giving you much more floor space within your warehouse. Who does this work for? This is ideal for a facility that doesn’t need 100% immediate access to all products. If you’re looking to economically increase your storage density, this solution is for you.

We will be highlighting some more of our valued solutions within the coming weeks! Check back with us. Feel free to also browse our selection of material handling systems right here.