Traditional pallet rack shelving is a great solution for many warehouse facilities. However, if you have inventory that shifts on a regular basis, you might want to consider a drive-in or drive-through rack system. Traditional rack storage is great if you have the necessary room, but if you need a denser arrangement to handle your stored products then drive-in and drive-through rack systems could be your answer.

Drive-in and drive-through rack systems provide an efficient answer to high-density storage needs. Conventional rack systems are limited to the size of your warehouse facility; while in the same amount of floor space, drive-in, and drive-through rack systems will allow for up to a 75 percent increase in pallet storage. There are other benefits to adopting this type of rack system.

Drive-in and drive-through racks can be installed in typical warehouses with no available overhead attachments. They are also able to support infrastructure in buildings that are supported by the racks. Cold storage and freezer storage is expensive and you will want to utilize that space as best as possible. Drive-in and drive-through rack systems are ideal for these types of storage needs as all the space in the cooler or freezer is utilized. This is a real money saver.

The types of products you store are a factor in determining the best type of rack system. For example, if you carry large amounts of similar products and have limited space, then drive-in and drive-through rack systems are an ideal solution. However, if you store products that are time sensitive and need to be rotated, then a conventional rack system might best suit your needs. For more information, contact us and we will help.