There are six questions you need to answer to help determine which type of pallet rack system you need for your Chicago warehouse. Answering these questions and comparing the advantages as well as the disadvantages will help determine the rack system that will be the best fit for your needs.

  • How many pallets are going to have to be stored?
  • What will you be using to access your racks? That is, will you be utilizing forktrucks or some other means? In addition, you will need to know the lift height of whatever you are choosing to access the racks.
  • You need to know if the products you are storing have a shelf life. That is, will you need a first-in-first-out system or a last-in-first-out system?
  • You need to know the type and size of the pallets you will be utilizing in your warehouse.
  • Here is a very important consideration: How much space will be available in your warehouse for pallet storage? In addition, you will need to the dimensions of your warehouse, even the height of your ceilings.
  • You will want to know how often you will need to access your pallets.

With a better understanding of your specific requirements, makes the task of determining what rack system is best for you that much simpler. If there is more than one rack system right for you, then you need to sit down and list the advantages and disadvantages of each.