Our Milwaukee mezzanine systems are a great way to introduce more floor space to your crowded warehouse. By adding an additional level of space, you open up your warehouse to all kinds of new possibilities. These are just three ways you can put your new Milwaukee mezzanine to work in your warehouse:

  • Use it as an assembly station. If your warehouse handles products that need to be assembled before they go out the door, your new mezzanine is the perfect place to house this operation. Parts and pieces can go up to the mezzanine, be assembled by your team, and come back down as the product is ready to be shipped.
  • Use it for offices. While most of your warehouse workers need to be on the floor, many others won’t and their offices and desk space can eat up valuable product space on your floor. Moving the offices and desks of warehouse workers to a mezzanine level can get them out of the way as well as give them an eagle’s eye view of the operation.
  • Use it for seasonal storage. If you have items that you only ship out during certain seasons or other products that you access infrequently, a mezzanine level can be ideal for the storage of these items. They’ll stay accessible while remaining out of your way.

Ready for your Milwaukee mezzanine to be installed? Give the RMH Warehouse team a call. We’ll get you set up with a mezzanine you love. Call our project management team or contact us through our website to get started.