The material handling and supply chain industries are feeling the pressure of a large world population that has become accustomed to eCommerce. Consumers are realizing the benefits of online ordering and next day delivery. If a company cannot meet their needs, they are quick to shop around. Many distribution and fulfillment centers do not have the material handling systems in place to consistently deliver at a high level. Unfortunately, managing day-to-day operations leaves little time to take on the complexities of designing and sourcing a new material handling system on your own. The good news: a systems integrator can take on this challenge for you. Systems integrators offer tremendous value and a relaxed confidence that your company is equipped to perform at a competitive level now and into the future.

Partnering with a systems integrator like RMH Systems takes you from surviving to thriving in this very complex material flow environment. Here’s why RMH is the choice of companies like yours:

  • A Partner-Driven Ally

As a trusted partner, your goals and performance targets drive our focus. We invest time with you to learn your challenges, where you are right now, and where you want to take your performance. If something is important to you and your customer, it’s important to us and will remain at the forefront of our solution design process.  We will exchange ideas and challenges, and identify risks to ensure the best possible solution is achieved. We are your ally and work tirelessly to ensure your success.

  • Passionate Discovery

We dig deep. Our passion to provide a solution that will achieve your performance goals often requires a deeper understanding beyond the traditional material flow process. RMH’s team of material flow experts and engineers will work with you to learn what is preventing you from achieving your stated objectives. We will collaborate with our industry partners to uncover hurdles and gaps to ensure we’re solving the issues that are putting your current performance at risk.

  • Tailored Innovation to Improve Operational Costs, Efficiency and Productivity

A deep understanding is the foundation to building an innovative solution that gives you exactly what you need. Whether your challenge is complex or relatively small, we’ll provide the solution that positions you for today’s challenges and tomorrows growth. Pre-designed or standard solutions will most likely not solve your specific challenges. A tailored solution will help you:

  1. Overcome your unique challenges.
  2. Achieve your performance targets.
  3. Allow room to adjust to the changing needs of the market and your ever-changing customer expectations.
  • End-to-End Transparency

We overshare information. A trusted systems integrator is transparent throughout the entire process, from end to end. We believe transparency reduces the risk of misinformation, missed deadlines, product inaccuracies and overspending. If there are any issues, or if we have concerns about something, we will share that with you. Our seasoned project managers follow a comprehensive planning and implementation process, which drives accountability with all participants and partners involved. Onsite project command centers, communication boards and system implementation updates are ways we ensure transparency and accountability.  We take care of the project so you can focus on your business.

  • Uncompromised Validation

No-excuse validation. Our solutions need to achieve your performance targets. Through extensive process trials and tests, we ensure that your original objectives and business requirements are achieved. The validation process ensures your undisputed satisfaction with our partnership. We’ll even be available after the project is complete to provide guidance on any issues that come up.

RMH is your trusted systems integration partner. To us, partnership means putting customer needs above our own. We’ll work tirelessly to provide a solution that achieves performance and cost targets, and offer ongoing support and expertise. When companies need relaxed confidence that their material flow solution achieves their objectives and supports the highest level of customer satisfaction, they call us. That’s what we do. That’s who we are: Experts in Material Flow.